Mail Order Plant Packaging

Voges is the market leader for mail order plant packaging. We have been involved in mail order bulbs ourselves since the 1920s. In the 1970s we extended our expertise into packaging for the fragile plants. We know better than anyone else that every plant and pot is different and we therefore have a lot of different moulds to provide a wide range of packaging products.

Perfect Protection
Above all else, packaging for mail order plants has to offer excellent protection and hold the plants in the correct position. Products are quite often carelessly handled in transit, and unfortunately that applies to plants too. To protect plants in transit as well as possible, we have developed packaging with a ridge that protects the leaves. Ventilation channels in the space around the leaves prevent them from rotting or drying out, and the neck holds the pot and the soil firmly in place. This allows mail order firms to send a wide range of fragile plants to their customers. The plant can arrive in perfect condition and can be planted straight away.

Our Own Experience in Mail Order
We have been in the mail order business ourselves since the 1920s and designed the packaging we use for ourselves. We learnt so much from that we decided in the 1970s to move completely into plastic packaging. Mail order plant packaging is therefore our speciality. We lead the market, supplying packaging to over 30 countries. We help our customers consider the transportation of fragile plants, and ensure complaints are kept to a minimum, because we know from experience how even a small deviation can have a serious financial impact.

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