Seed growing kits

Grow kits are increasing in popularity. They are a fun and easy way to see a seed bloom into a fully grown plant. From your point of view, they are also an easy way to please your customers.

Easy Product
All you need to do to make a grow kit is add some peat or some Jiffy tablets to the packaging, and then put in a bag of seed too. The presentation boxes can go straight to the shop. Our packaging gives it an appealing appearance on the shelf, as well as optimum protection. And finally it allows the customer to easily grow the plants on at home and then transplant them into the garden. But these kits can be used for herbs too, which can be used in the kitchen straight away.

Mini propagators
We also make mini propagators. They are a fun way to let small plants grow to full bloom on the windowsill, for example. But they are also an original and surprising item to find in the shops, especially for children. Mini propagators are a fun way for them to learn about growing plants.

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