Trays & inserts

We can design trays and inserts to package your products and to keep them firmly in place. We have various different designs for presenting products in shops.

Multifunctional Trays
We devised and designed a solution for Mylaps to package various different kinds of time measurement transponders in just 1 tray. This multifunctional design is a revelation from a logistical perspective in particular. 4 different products can go in 1 compartment.

SRP trays
Bausch & Lomb, known for top-quality contact lenses, needed a packaging solution that would allow retailers to display an entire presentation of various different lens fluids on their shelves, all in one go. We devised a SRP (shelf-ready packaging) tray that could be used to display the lens fluids with a high-quality and transparent presentation.

Cigar Inserts
The exclusive cigar maker Hajenius was looking for a packaging solution to hold cigars firmly in place. That is important, because if cigars roll around in the box it damages the wrapper and the cigars begin to ‘leak’. We offered them a bespoke insert to perfectly protect the cigars. We were also able to keep the price suitably low thanks to our efficient production line.


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